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Hey, how you doin? My name is Kurt, I'm a gamer, video maker, musician and animator at some times. I like to post a lot of videos when i have the time about the games i'm playing, reviews on stuff and other things.

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Lolzer's News

Posted by Lolzer - September 22nd, 2011

So everyone has been hyped about Google+ lately, so if you want to add me you can do so here.
My Google Plus

While you're at it you should add me on Twitter too :D

Other than that, if you see me online on G+ talk to me :D

Also, Happy Madness Day!!

Posted by Lolzer - April 10th, 2011

Last i was on newgrounds was two years ago...So yay? Anyways....

I am eventually going to plan some animations later, i've been busy doing some videos with my friends on youtube! Wanna check them out?

There are two channels, both of them consist of gaming, reviews, commentaries and some random things.
Gamermaste Gameplay Channel
Wind Gaming Commentary And Review Channel

Make sure to subscribe to both of those to stay updated on when i release a video :DD

You can follow me on twitter too to stay updated on my latest videos!
Tweet Tweet!!

Thanks and send me a message if you want to contact me ;DD

Posted by Lolzer - June 20th, 2009

Scout my art on the art portal! I really want to submit more art :)

Posted by Lolzer - May 23rd, 2009

Okay first of all i'm trying to get a team for the power of three...I think i will have one soon, but i'm not sure. Anyways i have just created a blog where you can follow news of everything that's happening in the world, information about a ton of things and videos about upcoming things. Visit it now! Barrel Of Facts
Thanks again!

Posted by Lolzer - May 14th, 2009

The summer is coming up and i decided to do some shit! The Power of Three, i love the name btw Tom. Also whoever is interested then you are invited to be with me for a flash project. I'm pretty lazy right now so PM Me if you have something in your mind.

Posted by Lolzer - April 6th, 2009

Hey Newgrounds!

2 Days ago(4th April) It was my birthday! So happy birthday to me :)
i got me a nintendo dsi, which cameras are crap btw and a new PS3 cause my old one got overheated :(

Now onto serious news, i'm no longer working on crystal chronicles! Neither any other animation cause i suck at anime so i started doing a game. No name now, now more details on it, that's all you should now. I really don't have anything else to say so i'm just going to post a pic :)

Mah Birthday!!!

Posted by Lolzer - March 27th, 2009

I've had a plan to begin crystal chronicles after i finish Windows Pedigree, actually Pedigree is already finished, just needs a few unfinished touches :) I've recently began work on crystal chronicles and i've got to admit that it's currently the best piece of my work :) I have done a great flash so far and i believe that it'll get some people attraction on this :P i hope.... Anyways more news will come later, for now, wait patiently for the crystal chronicles trailer :)

Crystal Chronicles!!!

Posted by Lolzer - February 28th, 2009

I trained with sticks, i trained with little bits of guys and now i'm on anime!!! Woot i know how to draw! This can open various ways to make flash, i'm currently doing an animation that if i work hard on it i could make it work! So here are the projects that i'm working on!

1) Windows Pedigree SP2
Completion: 24%
Status: Currently No Working On It
Plot: Simulator Of windows XP but with more functions than windows denta, the other simulator that i created :)

2) Crystal Chronicles
Completion 1%
Status: I'm beginning today, though i already created the first part :)
Plot: Currently this is my best project yet... I'm actually doing it in anime and everything, i just hope that this could be to everyone's liking. Though it's pretty hard for a beginner on anime. Anyways i just hope this comes out ok :)

If you would post a comment and tell me your suggestions i would appreciate cause i 'm out of ideas hehe. So bye bye :)

Oh yeah before i go i would want to thank moosh very much cause his Anime TUT helped me alot and it was the thing that kept me going and drawing Anime! I thank you from here moosh!

Posted by Lolzer - January 11th, 2009

Ok so FBProductions has been low on rep lately and i had too much to do to bring it back up so now i have the time and i wish to begin hiring interested artists, flash developers, programmers, musicians.... If you are intrested either send a PM, send an email on kurtcassar@fbproductions.net.tc or just comment on this post. Please if you are intrested do not hesitate to just post on here and try your luck. Age does not matter even if you're 13 or 12 we can hire you as long as you know flash, art or music. Also we are intrested in designers, web designers and people who know HTML Or Java or that stuff. FBProductions has it's doors open, now it's your choice....

Posted by Lolzer - December 5th, 2008

Yes.... If You Were Or Are Wondering if i'm still alive, yes i'm still alive and very well thank you very much. Christmas is almost with us and i was hoping i would get back to work, finally! and begin working on flash again now that CS4 is in my hands. I am making a very very good christmas quiz, i improved from my last quizzes and i know how to animate so yeah.. Anyways if anyone reads this(i don't give a damn anyway) but if anyone reads this post a comment, you'll make my day :) Anyways except another post later on near christmas. This Is Lolzer aka XalphawolfX signing off at 18.31 PM At Europe, Malta, Siggiewi, In My cosy house on my very fast laptop writing this :)